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i am working on a new game project...

2010-05-14 11:43:33 by slash28

itsa small point and click adventure!!!But its diffrent...Because there is not going to be sounds...Bolive me its gonna rock!!It will be sounds if someone help me with findnig them...I need classic scary sounds like water,doors and scari violine music!!!btw...Its a stickman game...and its a small project!!


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2010-05-16 23:21:16



2010-06-21 08:01:28

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2010-07-28 14:33:08

Why are you so retarded? omg
btw jaz sem iz Slovenije ;D
but still you could do better that registering multiple accounts
just to be in an art forum... (I remember the battle royal)
AND THIS! I can help you, but why?
I can make a better game on my own...
Get it? You have to learn somethink before you ask people to make a game with you. " Hey, help help, make a game and then say I built it with you!"


2010-07-28 14:40:00

ups that was slash23 srry